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The Diwali Dilemma

No one loves the festive season more than we do. There’s festive spirit in the air, we bump into strangers at parties, there’s no risk of running out of conversation starters - “Great weather, no?”, “Modi kuch bhi kar sakta hai ”, “ Have you noticed Sharmaji’s new BMW?, “ Have you tried this new app?” and so on.

And then the one question that everyone is seen asking everyone else — “Aapki Diwali gifting ho gayi?”

For businessmen, the answer to this one question is more important than their annual balance sheet, for homemakers, this question could initiate verbal diarrhoea about how to get rid of the over stacking “mithai dabbas” that they binge on, even if everyone in the house wants to lose weight along with the continued tales about the obligation of giving gifts to rishtedaars and for young boys and girls, it brings boring visions of accompanying their parents to homes of their friends and family.

“Beta, yeh Dolly aunty hain. Namaste karo”

Well, That's not Diwali for us! We understand that employees in your office wait all year for their Diwali bonus and look forward to receiving festive gifts when the holiday comes around. Boost their morale and gain their good wishes by giving them something thoughtful. You give them Diwali gifts each year, but there is a lot more to corporate gifts than a box of soan papdi and the diary and pen combo.

We ask all you guys - This time, why not do something different? Shall we give them the gift of good health? We promise, we wont burn your pockets :)

As you think over this, let us also remind you, Diwali is just 10 weeks away!

So once again - Have you thought of your Diwali gift yet?

If not, don't worry. Its not late. If you put some thought into choosing the gift it will be clear to your employees that they are a priority for you. We have put in the thoughts, and we're just a call away. For enquiries, Call us on 8238001001 or simply leave a comment below.


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