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What goes around, comes around

We’ve all thought about this idiom in the serious context of the theory of Karma. But have you noticed how Diwali gifts teach us this lesson?

So Jolly aunty comes home carrying a gift packet which you open after she leaves and all of you make a face. Yet another box of motichoor ladoos along with a set of 4 jing-bang colourful diyas. This must be the 10th this season. Hmm...humein chala diya? You ask your maid to bring a fresh wrapping paper, and carefully wrap the gifts again. You have to leave for Pooja aunty’s home now.

Last year, she also gave nothing great. Toh yeh unko chal jayega. You go to her house with the gifts smiling like you’ve just won a lottery and present the same to her.

“Arre koi formality ki baat hi nahi thi!”

And lo! After making faces once you are gone from her house, Pooja aunty repacks the same two boxes in the same wrapping paper and gives it to her neighbour. After all, this is the only occasion when we get to meet and smile at people even living on the same floor! The neighbour turns out to be your dad’s second cousin’s first cousin. He sends his sincere wishes every year, through his driver, with his official visiting card neatly taped on the box.

His best wishes arrive this year too and vòila! no one has not even bothered to use new wrapping paper. “Just changed the cello tape on it,” you mutter under your breath.

“Don’t worry,” says your husband, opening the box “We’ll give the ladoos and diyas to Driverji”

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